...until there's not enough


I just bought a lottery ticket for us.

If lightning strikes, every single one of you that follows Money Is Not Important is getting $1,000.  I’m serious.  Pure and simple.  Straight cash (well, maybe a check, but you get the idea).  Why, you ask?  BECAUSE HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE IF IT HAPPENED?!!!

People who harp on paying a $1 for a lottery ticket every once in awhile don’t know what they’re talking about.  Sure, you have a better chance of being spontaneously teleported to Pluto than hitting the jackpot, but you are guaranteed to have some fun. 

If you view it as an investment in your entertainment, it’s a great deal!  Compare the fun and excitement you get from buying a lottery ticket vs. any other type of entertainment that costs money.  Sure, you’ll never see that dollar again, but the same can be said for the $40 you’d drop to go see a movie on a Friday night.

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