So, here we are! 100,000 strong. Thank you, fine folks of Tumblr! I figure now is as good a time as any to show my gratitude by throwing out some Tumblr love. Here are a few of my favorite Tumblrs, and I hope you’ll check them out:

  • ShortFormBlog - One of the best news sites on Tumblr, and Ernie Smith is a stellar individual.
  • Oh, Pioneer! - Cuz the outdoors are awesome, and this site will inspire you to get out there and get lost for a little while.
  • Kiplinger - A personal finance magazine that has a great Tumblr presence.
  • Planet Money - The global economy as seen through the eyes of NPR.
  • Adulting - Learn “how to become a grown-up”. Not sold yet? Well, she just got a TV deal, so you know it’s good.
  • TIME Magazine - These fine folks listed me in their 30 Best Tumblr Blogs list earlier this year. I owe A LOT to them!
  • Best Roof Talk Ever - These guys are hilarious, and they remind me of my group of friends.
  • Kateoplis - She’s Tumblr royalty. One of the best curators out there.
  • The Today Show - If you didn’t know they represented the most watched morning program on television, you’d think it was a tumblr dedicated to mac & cheese. Seriously, they post about macaroni & cheese ALL THE TIME. That’s hilarious and delicious at the same time.
  • Andrew Hyde - You may know him as the guy who only owns 39 things. Beyond that, he’s one of the most impressive and friendly people you’ll ever come across.
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