Friday Night Discussion: Knowing what you know now, would you still attend college if you could go back in time?

Why or why not?

  1. meredithsweetsue answered: yes, worth it
  2. remind-errs answered: no, because i never wanted to become a nurse anyway.
  3. lotophagess answered: I will, just a different one
  4. ffrickinfrick answered: No
  5. rollnrockim answered: im in the middle of this in my headddd.. does any one have any thoughts on this?
  6. lexluxxe answered: I would just off of the networking aspect (peers and mentors). I would have def been more proactive and disciplined in my finances though.
  7. tincan2006 answered: You couldn’t have held a gun to my head and made me walk onto a college campus. Just compare lending models between private banks and the gov
  8. knuckleheaded1 answered: Yes, but I would borrow lot less money and work a lot more. Going back further, I would’ve done better in high school for scholarship money.
  9. jessaround answered: Yes! I’d have better study habits and stick it out to get the MS. Also: I’d look for internships sooner, work experience is so valuable.
  10. hypsieclothing answered: Probably not, too many books I can get my hands on. Library is free. I do what I know.
  11. rahul-thebondoflove answered: yes bcz many thing which i could do but i couldn
  12. aspiringmomprenuer answered: No. Those darn student loans are a bitch.
  13. viola4 said: I’ve just finished 8 years of university at 46. I actually wanted to go when I was younger but my family didn’t believe I would obtain a better living.
  14. dwo2012 answered: oooo yes back then it was so much cheaper
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  17. sarahkathleen789 answered: Yes, but not the first time. I wasn’t old enough to realize the fiscal commitment I was making.
  18. plymth answered: Yes, you still need that environtment to engage with your peers intellectually
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  20. taraemd answered: no
  21. alanataylor answered: Yes, but not for the education. Only because of the experience of living on my own and the diploma I received which gets me my jobs.
  22. blazex23 answered: yes
  23. elizabeths answered: Yes, 100%. I would pick a less general major (mind is history).
  24. deadtreesalive answered: thank you for posting this!! everyone - thank you for your responses! i am fighting this exact problem and i’m loving the feedback - thanks!!
  25. indigomagonline answered: Hell no, We all know that college is one of the biggest scams….look and how much student debt is in america…smh
  26. joeovip answered: Yes. But not a private (expensive), but to a state college or something.
  27. nicola4love answered: I’m attending a small, liberal arts women’s college for free with scholarship. Do not regret a thing.
  28. coucou-mycherie answered: No. It was not relevant for my job today, or my career choice…
  29. hungltd answered: NO! The diploma is useless, never took it out of the envelope. Only a degree now will guarantee you a life time of labour..
  30. martj42 answered: Yeah, might as well. Great way to waste 5 or so years.
  31. graypilgrim answered: yes, with globalization you need a high skill job to stay competitive. I probably would have chosen a different path though.
  32. loresssssaaaaaaaaa answered: Yes, there is no other way I would have been able to start a career in what I’m most passionate about, biology.
  33. booksandbooksssandsequins answered: Absolutely, but I would have given much more consideration to a state school, instead of the private institution I attended.
  34. theresjustnothing answered: Yes; if nothing else at least I learned some things and kept my mind occupied and met people. It is worth the chance of a job opportunity
  35. nabilblidi answered: at all … I just wanna live every second of my life with love and hope
  36. icaninsideneon answered: I would still go, but I would study something different. I loved theater, but I think I missed other things that I was interested in.
  37. mylo1 answered: no, i’d leave school at 14 and go busking up and down the country
  38. nightshaderose answered: No, I would not. I would have gone to trade school and learned to do something useful/marketable with my hands, skipped the $15,000 in debt.
  39. gogeyi answered: Yes, but I would approach it differently.
  40. switchgrass answered: I would have waited. I excelled, graduated early, studied abroad. But I didn’t know who I wanted to be, or where. Now I do, but I’m in debt.
  41. chutler answered: Yes. But I would’ve gone later in life.
  42. b-ology answered: I wish I had gone to a different college.