I was stumbling through Tumblr and ran into your money site. I think it is a fantastic site.
I am a Consumer Affairs Major in California (I know, no one knows what major that is)....but we deal a lot with personal financial management and I think your site is one of the best ones in educating people on how to make their money work harder for them.

My question is: as a Senior in college I have to go off "into the real world" and I've had interviews that start off with, "What kind of major is Consumer Affairs?" I want to know, for people like me who have a passion for helping others out in managing their finances and becoming smarter consumers, what industry do you think I would/should head to in finding a career?

If people are constantly asking you to clarify your major, that gives you an opportunity to spin it any which way you wish.  Before you go into an interview, spend some time rehearsing how you will answer that question depending on the company.

As far as which industry you should go in to, there are all sorts of options.  You could write for a financial website, work for a Wealth Management firm, or get a job at your city’s Chamber of Commerce.

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