What’s the biggest expense for you right now? How can you reduce it or, better yet, get rid of it?

If you can’t reduce or get rid of that one, what’s the next one on the list?

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  2. nothingtoreadhere answered: My car! But I’m moving to a city with good public transport, so, no more car!
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  4. bowtonaruto answered: cell phone
  5. thanhvtran answered: girlfriend haha
  6. ihateflossing answered: Rent. Buy house, build equity, re-mortgage, buy more property and rent it out. Land rarely depreciates.
  7. travelspaz answered: My 2nd biggest expense is my car note. I’m paying extra into my principal balance to pay it off in 8-10 months instead of 14.
  8. spareunderthematforever answered: student loan payments. then rent. i think that’s good though?
  9. benwedge answered: Tuition. Can’t help that… So I’m hoping to cut down on entertainment expenses to create a bit of savings room.
  10. ccamilleako answered: foods.
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  12. yurykhalyavin answered: I spend 25% percent of my income on rent, 25% food + pin money, 50% I postpone for future plans
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  14. korporate-meg answered: rent! can’t really get rid of it either, reducing it by moving to yet an even smaller parisian box
  15. icaninsideneon answered: Definitely food. I just need to cut down on buying lunch/beverages during the week, that’s what kills my budget.
  16. chrisldiaz answered: credit card debt from being unemployed. followed by my car loan.
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  18. themoneyjourneyandshit answered: Rent. I’ll be moving soon and will be renting out extra rooms. Potentially zero future rent costs :)
  19. raunom answered: The rent!
  20. andthatremindsme answered: Rent, I could move or get a roommate… Next is car payment… that’s a bit more fixed…
  21. kevinaskevin answered: Biggest expenditure: food. Need to switch to Rice and Beans for every meal and cut out Wawa / Starbucks
  22. chibi-tard-chan answered: Car payments - can’t reduce or get rid of it.
  23. bootsandfire answered: Credit cards, by a huge margin. We’re working on it though, I’ve started working and we make big payments, 2/5 debts gone!
  24. blogthenewblack answered: Student Loans. I bought a duplex to help suplement my income and reduce my housing costs. After that- going out to dinner too much
  25. my-little-kumquat answered: My mortgage which I can’t/don’t want to get rid of. Next? I am not sure - already got rid of cable & a car…
  26. villainian answered: Tampons. I don’t know how to reduce it, it shouldn’t be happening in the first place since I’m a dude and all.
  27. chloethechloe answered: Food. I love quality food! I go out way too much, I dont always have time to cook. I could stop being so picky.
  28. blackdogrunning answered: Petrol. And there’s not really much I can do about it, cause my partner lives way beyond public transport.
  29. texturism answered: rent. which is high but reduced by moving to a place with heat + hot water include an a mile from work so i walk and don’t have a car.
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    For me right now, it’s Tuition & Therapy - but those aren’t going away anytime soon. They actually just raised tuition...
  31. homeboundace answered: I spend 54 percent of my income on rent. I make one thousand dollars a month.
  32. thegarbagedump answered: Rent… get a time machine and get a degree outside the human services field.
  33. uofvintage answered: insurance.
  34. cynthyia2cute answered: I Think Cookies There My World
  35. eclecticchaos answered: Rent, become homeless. It really isn’t that high in comparison to most.
  36. canopy1917 answered: My phone. idek how fix it. ‘cause i have to wait until december when the damn contract ends. ugh
  37. thisghoulknowswhatimtalkingabout answered: food because I’m a lazy fuck and I don’t like cooking so I order out all the time. And yes, I’m working on stopping that entirely.