The Ten Best Apps for Managing Your Finances

With the start of the new year, it’s a good time to think about putting systems in place to get your spending under control, build your savings, and remind yourself to pay your bills.

There are a lot of great apps out there to help.  Here is a list of my ten favorites, in no particular order.

1. Bloomberg

This isn’t app for minimalists, but if you want up-to-the-minute data on your stock portfolio, beautiful charts, and financial headlines, look no further than the Bloomberg app. The best part…it’s free.

2. Currency

We took a trip to the Dominican Republic awhile back, and this app came in handy on multiple occasions.  One of the easiest ways to spend mindlessly on vacation is to not be aware of the exchange rate.  Just enter a dollar amount for the currency your familiar with, and it instantly gives you a conversion using the latest exchange rates.  Once again, this is a free app.


If you aren’t using Mint or some other version (i.e. Bank of America’s “My Portfolio”), you need to.  Enter all of your accounts, and Mint gives you a one-stop snapshot of your entire financial picture.  It was great when it was just a website, but now you can access your info anywhere.

4. Debt Snowball Pro

If you’re a fan of the Snowball Method for debt reduction, then this is the app for you.  Personally, I think you should choose whichever strategy that works best for you, but the Snowball Method is great at providing positive feedback on your progress.  Now, you can check in on your progress at any time.

5. BillMinder

Life gets busy, and sometimes the cable bill is the last thing on your mind.  If you haven’t automated your bill payments yet (you should), then at least download this app and check it once a week.

6. EZ Loan Calc

You probably won’t find yourself using this app everyday, but it’s always handy to have a loan calculator available when you need to make a quick decision.  Whether you’re in the process of buying a home, know if you can afford to increase your bid right away.  If you’re haggling at a car dealership, make the salesman’s stomach drop when you tell him that you’ll be checking his work.

7. Ask Dave Ramsey

Whether you’re a fan of Dave or not, this is a great app to help you answer those big questions that many people face. 

8. ShoppingList

I love ShoppingList, mainly because it keeps me on track at the grocery store.  As I’ve mentioned previously, grocery stores are out to make money just like every other business.  They’ll use every psychological trick in the book to get you to spend more.  If you arm yourself with this tool, you’ll be much more likely to only walk out with what you intended to buy.

9. Chase Mobile (SM)

Okay, I know many of you hate big banks, and rightfully so.  However, this app made the list for one reason…it gives you the ability to deposit a check by taking a picture of the front and back with your phone’s camera.  I want you to let that marinate for a second.  Think about how awesome that is!  No more worrying about losing checks in between the time you open the mail and get to the bank.  I don’t use Chase, and I’m not moving my accounts just because of this perk, but I definitely wish my bank had thought of it first.

10. Car Care

This app’s interface is a little annoying, but it once you get past that, you’ll realize that you have a great tool for keeping up with your car’s MPG, oil changes, tire rotations, etc.  Preventative car maintenance is something I hate having to keep track of, so an app that does it for me is a welcome sight.

Do you have a finance app that you love?  Let us know about it!

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