What is something that brings you a lot of happiness, but doesn’t cost a thing?

  1. genecarlo-valueinvestor answered: Going to the libary with my kids and taking them into the adult area and looking at picture books
  2. kaylahaynie answered: Taking a walk for some fresh air
  3. ellemcgee answered: open windows with lots of sunshine and lots of breeze
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  5. mitzi-tsetse answered: Masturbation, singing in the shower, being silly.
  6. bamboostars answered: Taking a walk with my mom :)
  7. artnideas answered: Being retired, music, my husband, my cats, and being well.
  8. andreiaom answered: give up on giving up
  9. words-still-matter answered: sunshine
  10. gerypratama answered: a successful sneeze
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  12. adventureawry answered: People watching, playing with the dog, reading at the library, and hanging out with loved ones
  13. selenabermejolovesu answered: Family and my friends and ofcourse God <3
  14. mapquesting answered: music
  15. happixels answered: a smile
  16. maintowallstreet answered: writing
  17. vanguardbandit answered: Love
  18. rainbowstreasures answered: your mom
  19. kenlifebemoreawesome answered: friends :D, Basketball
  20. simplicity197 answered: Friends, family :)
  21. mountain-light answered: Walking along the beach, that is on the sand, barefoot.
  22. happilyhopelesspoetics answered: Use iceplant to write happy messages to that worm you had to kill to go fishing
  23. that-dani answered: sex, hot chocolate to a movie together with my best friend, anime, movies (online), and tumblr, my family.
  24. shalllawg answered: swimming hard, write in my diary :) , and blast my music
  25. artprojectm answered: walking through the city with my ipod
  26. pourhouse answered: hide under my blanket, facetime or skype with her =). Visit all the free parks and museums in nyc!!!
  27. disputable-analysis answered: not having to set an alarm
  28. lafillemystere answered: rereading a favourite book, mending favourite items of clothing, making mixtape playlists for friends
  29. perplexual answered: listening to mixtapes :D
  30. gotmine answered: hitting the random button on wikipedia
  31. liberalforever answered: Spending time with significant others with no regards to deadlines, dates, obligations, needing-to-impress, inhibitions, etc.
  32. dianavitalyevna answered: love
  33. pinkturnip answered: cuddling
  34. joshuandrson answered: Painting, drawing, making art with friends with stuff ou have(free), playing instraments, playing games, playing Xbox ;), the list goes on.
  35. slutsylvania answered: going on a long day adventuring
  36. mabbdoom answered: pornhub.com
  37. tomorrowstea answered: Tumblr! Also: Dancing, stopping and listening/watching, brushing my hair, stretching, writing love letters, naps, exercising, hugs, & singing
  38. ksenialee answered: Good conversation