If you could download any album free, legally, directly from record companies by sitting through an ad, would you?

An interesting discussion on this issue is happening on Reddit right now.

  1. edels2 answered: Yes
  2. br0ken-princess answered: yesss!
  3. jgoldenlion answered: Of course :D
  4. no-slashes answered: no, ads never were actually something reliable for me x_x
  5. mostlydaguerreotypes answered: yes.
  6. 085711841083 answered: no
  7. arogersford answered: Yes, as long as the ad wasn’t longer than 60 seconds
  8. laurencky answered: yes!
  9. villagelifestyle answered: yes
  10. brincamadera answered: yes, so long as the artist makes money.
  11. dandelionpetals answered: YES
  12. wearejyd answered: Def.
  13. iarcdeco answered: depends on the ad
  14. arghandrawr answered: Yes!
  15. sebastianmueller answered: Yes.
  16. opn24hours said: Wait…..Do I have to listen to this ad every time I have to listen to a song ? If so then no. But whos gonna just give me an album for listening to a commercial?
  17. opn24hours answered: Yes.
  18. eqtus answered: of course
  19. jasminerelling answered: yes.
  20. alexisthereblogger answered: hell yes!
  21. djmoovin answered: UH YEAH!!
  22. toliveloveserve answered: Heck yea! That would be amazing!
  23. im-superawesome answered: It would most certainly do it at first atleast. At the moment i feel bad because i “steal” the albums but i’m way to cheap to pay up 15$…
  24. allizwellallizwell answered: yes. without a doubt
  25. j-anthony1 answered: Yes i would
  26. mellifluouswonders answered: Heck yes!!!!!
  27. chi-chi-von-lloyd answered: Of course.
  28. steelandgranite answered: yes
  29. des-4mor answered: yes! k1
  30. mitzi-tsetse answered: Of course! You can always walk away from an ad.
  31. jessica-lynn-williams answered: absolutely. Without a doubt.
  32. vivaciousmind answered: Depends on how long the add lasts.
  33. nycbikecommuter answered: yes
  34. jlegend20 answered: Yes
  35. cing-cangkeling-11 answered: YES DEFINITELY
  36. rejuvenatedzidane answered: yes
  37. krammm answered: yes
  38. prettynoise answered: that thread is great, i’m a musician myself and without a doubt user: simonmasdotcom has THE most accurate information on the nature of thing
  39. yogeana answered: yes
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  41. katic answered: YES.
  42. steveup answered: yep.. : )
  43. akindanerdykid answered: HELL YES!