About This Site

Hi, my name is Andrew.  When I was around the age of fourteen, I received a letter from my grandfather.  In it he wrote, “Money is not important, until there’s not enough.”  In the ignorance of my youth, I thought he was telling me that money was the key to a happy, fulfilling life.  As I matured, I began to see that he was showing me the value of living within your means.  However, as I thought about it even more, I realized that there was so much to his statement.  He was showing me that life is hard when there isn’t enough money, and you should always do what is necessary to provide for yourself and your family. You accomplish this by working hard, pursuing your passions, and keeping your expenses in check. People often romanticize the days when they didn’t have any money, but the truth is, it’s a hard way to live.    On the flip side, he was also showing me that life’s problems are magnified when you’ve got enough money, but you continue to pursue it relentlessly.  Never let the pursuit of money get in the way of what really matters in life.

Many years later…

I now have a psychology degree, and I work at a very large financial firm in personal wealth management. It makes much more sense that you would think, especially given the fact that the entire financial landscape was just turned upside down.

Here are my goals for this site:

  1. Share the experiences I’ve had in this crazy industry
  2. Teach you about the mental side of finances
  3. Reveal clever ways to save and earn more
  4. Show you how your ideal lifestyle can be much less expensive than you thought it was
  5. Inspire you to pursue your passions

Each week, I’ll share an original article that addresses one or more of these goals.  Between articles, I’ll feature quotes that inspire, links to great articles, awesome books you should read, and a little art here and there (who says money and art can’t co-exist?).  Feel free to send a message or ask me a question, and don’t forget to mention us to your friends!